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Follow the Instruction Carefully

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Bank App ( Metrobank Mobile App, BDO Online app, GCASH App etc.)

Step 2:Click Send Money and choose TRANSFER TO OTHER BANK

Step 3: Choose What Bank to transfer ( Metrobank or Union Bank)

Step 4: Enter the ACCOUNT NUMBER of the bank of what you have chosen

Step 5: Enter Amount you Desired

Step 6: Complete your Transaction

Step 7: Screenshot your Successful Transaction Page and Send to our email at or msg us at our Official Facebook PageĀ 

Note: Kindly Include this in your email / message

Name: __________

Family Celebration: _________

Email Address: ____________

Contact Number: ___________

Type of Giving : (ex. Tithes / Seed Power Partnership Pledge)

(Attach your Screenshot/ Transaction Slip)


*We will send you an email once we received your transaction

*Kindly message us 09150647446 if you have questions or having problem with your transactions



Donation Total: ₱100.00