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JCSGO Central 8AM Youth Camp 2018 “REIGN: THY KINGDOM COME”


For a young Christian who strives for the coming of the Kingdom of God:


A young Christian should shape his aspects in life according to the likeness of God.

It should be one with the rhythm of God’s heartbeat — a heartbeat that desires for a young Christian to save his family and his friends; To bring out the glory of his passion in the field of academics or to his career; and to lead the people of his nation to a life of obedience with God.


God wanted for a young Christian to prosper throughout his life. A breakthrough of his blessings in everyone of us. For whatever it takes, whatever the price, whatever manner, a young Christian should serve God with all of his heart, mind and soul for He is the source of the ability, the talent and the wisdom.


Do not be anxious. No one has ever gotten in trouble for obeying God. The peace of God will guard your heart. For whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable — think of such things. For whatever you’ve learned from God, put it into practice. (Philippians 4:8-9)


For this means, thy Kingdom come, God.

For everything I am is for the Kingdom’s cause.

For I,  a young christian is ready.

We are ready.


This coming April 26 – 28, 2018 at Rizal Re-Creation Center, Rizal, Laguna, join us as we empower the young generation in seeking God’s kingdom to come in our lives and in our nation!

For only Php 3,000 it includes Food, Accommodation, Transportation, and Camp Materials for 3 Days and 2 Nights of a life-changing experience for the youth.

To get more details please contact Ruth Seludo(Registration) at 09358032859

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Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach 37th Anniversary

37th Anniversary Let us experience together God’s awesome presence as we unite our hearts for JCSGO 37th Glorious Anniversary on October 22, 2017, 9:00 am at the SEED Dome. Witness the power of God through our Guest Speaker, Bishop Oriel Ballano—G12 Philippines National Coordinator.
All JCSGO Metro Manila and Regional Families will all be here to gather and celebrate God’s faithfulness. Our very own Senior Pastors, Bishop Jonathan and Ps Vicky Sebastian will lead the entire JCSGO community alongside with our Regional Overseers. Blessings and favors will be heard with selected leaders and workers as they testify God’s powerful LIGHT in their lives.
Don’t miss this life-changing and light-beaming wondrous day for the glory of God. Bring your friends, families and loved ones with you—see you all there!
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Prayer Focus Week 4( Oct. 23-29)

  • Pray that the program will be in order according to God’s will. (God’s program)
  • Let’s pray for our Guest Speaker Apostle Mel Mullen and family, that they may receive God’s anointing, God’s provision, good health, protection and safe travel from Canada.
  • Let’s pray for those who will share their testimonies, that they may have boldness, courage, anointing from God and that will give glory to God and minister to the hearts of the people.
  • Pray that the people will give generously for their special anniversary offering.
  • Let’s pray for good weather condition: no typhoon, No rain (literally), but cloudy.
  • Let’s pray that God will bless all the equipment (Sound system, multimedia equipment) and no electrical interruption
  • Let’s do warfare to cancel, in Jesus name and by His Blood, all plans, attempts, strategies, tactics of the enemy to interrupt, disrupt, and hinder these events (Ugnayan and Anniversary celebration).

Prayer Focus

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Prayer Focus Week 3( Oct. 16-22)

  • Financial provision to all who will attend the Ugnayan and Anniversary, specially those who are coming from regions and global families. Transportation allowances and food allowances.
  •  Safe and sound travel for all who will attend Ugnayan and Anniversary.
  •  Also pray that God will prepare the heart, mind, and soul of all the Pastors, leaders, disciples and all harvest that will attend the Ugnayan and Anniversary.
  • Let’s pray for the children’s network that they will behave and participate attentively.
  • More patience, understanding, love, and care for children’s ministers and teachers.


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Pour Out 2016 Champfest 10:30am Central Celebration Youth

Champfest 2016: Pour Out has been successful. With more than a month of equipping in Devotion, Soul Winning, and Discipleship, the Lord enabled the enlisted youth to do great works for His kingdom.

Some of the visited campuses in which some of the youth were able to share the word of God were Technological Institute of the Philippines-QC, San Juan National High School, Tomas Morato Elementary School, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Senior High and Lab High.

More than 300 new friends were invited and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. The event was filled by the presence of God through the testimonies of Faith Oliveron, James Fernando, Jennyrose Maddawin, Yssabelle Santos, David Galiza, and Ken, Pet, Mark Hicban, and through the Word by Ptra. Weng Alejo.

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JCSGO 36th Year Anniversary Prayer Focus Week #2

Prayer Focus Week 2 ( Oct. 9-15)

  • Let’s pray for Bishop Jonathan and Pastora Vicky Sebastian: Wisdom, good health and God’s favor.
  • Let’s pray for all our overseers and their families:


  1. Region-1: Bishop Luis & Pastora Elma Honrado & Family
  2. Region-2: Bishop Ronald & Pastora Carrie Bonus & Family
  3. Region-3: Pastor Edel & Jeng De Guzman & Family
  4. MMNR: Bishop Francis & Cynthia Alvarado & Family
  5. MMSR: Pastora Virgie & Bro. Edmund Romero & Family
  6. Central 8:00 am Family: Pastora Marie Cagayan & Family
  7. Central 10:30 am Family: Pastora Weng Alejo & Family
  8. Central 3:00 pm Family: Pastora Lerma de Dios & Family


  • All JCSGO family Pastors/ Outreaches/ Care Leaders/ disciples.
  • All Global families: Canada (Calgary), Germany (Frankfurt), USA (Texas, Las Vegas, Hawaii), Hongkong, Spain (Barcelona, Andalusia), Bahrain, Japan (Itabashi, Ichihara).
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JCSGO 36th Year Anniversary Prayer Focus Week #1

Prayer Focus Week 1 ( Oct. 2-8)

  • Let’s pray that God will prepare the heart, mind, soul of every working committee as they perform their task
  • God’s divine intervention, direction, protection, good health and excellent spirit to all committee.

Working Committees:

  1. Ushers
  2. Marshalls
  3. Intercessors
  4. Praise & Worship & Dance
  5. Program
  6. Multimedia/Promotion
  7. Decoration Committee and Logistics
  8. Sound System/Technical
  9. Attendance/Harvest Committee
  10. Children’s Committee
  11. Guest Relations Committee
  12. Physical arrangement
  13. Ministering committee
  • Let’s pray for more volunteer workers (manpower) who are committed in their respective committees that they may be full of joy and excitement as they serve the Lord in this event.
  • Guidance and favor during meetings and practices

Prayer Focus

Video Blog

Ang Biblya – VLOG by Pastor Albert Genon

Senior Pastors' Blog


The Bible says to count our days.  It seems that days these times just fly so fast.  So what can we do for the next four months.

First, we need to have a closer look at ourselves.  Evaluate honestly how we carried out the last eight months that have passed.  Were we conscious of our goals and vision?  Or are we just excited about our vision in the first month of this year.  We have to revisit our goals.

Second, how’s our spiritual life?  Did it grow?  Or it’s just so-so.  Were we determined to grow from our last year’s status?  How’s our life level towards God?  Towards our Lord Jesus Christ?  Towards our friendship with the Holy Spirit?  Is there excitement and awe in our personal relationship with God?  Are we excited when we read our devotional verses?  Do we talk to God daily?  Do we pray?

Third, how’s our love to serve one another?  Is the servant leader spirit strong in us?  Or do we expect others to be always serving us, answering to our every call and need?

When was the last time you sincerely talked to a person in distress wanting your attention?

When was the last time that you became conscious of a need of your brother or sister in the Lord?

Fourth, are we willing to accept our shortcoming and move forward for these four months towards fulfilling our goals and dreams?

Let’s have the spirit of a conqueror!

We will conquer whatever hindrances set before us to stop the fulfillment of our dreams.

God has a personal plan for your life.

Let the fire in your bones meet all negative thoughts and things in your mind and heart.

Jeremiah 20:9  …fire shut up in my bones.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and your dreams will come to pass and you will live your dreams.

In Christ Jesus, we move and build our vision and reams in 2016!

In His service and love,



Bishop Jonathan & Ps Vicky Sebastian

Video Blog

Ang Kaligtasan sa Diyos

Isang magandang balita ang hatid ni Pastor Albert Genon sa atin. Ano nga ba ang kaligtasan ng Diyos, at paano natin ito makakamit.