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Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach 37th Anniversary

37th Anniversary Let us experience together God’s awesome presence as we unite our hearts for JCSGO 37th Glorious Anniversary on October 22, 2017, 9:00 am at the SEED Dome. Witness the power of God through our Guest Speaker, Bishop Oriel Ballano—G12 Philippines National Coordinator.
All JCSGO Metro Manila and Regional Families will all be here to gather and celebrate God’s faithfulness. Our very own Senior Pastors, Bishop Jonathan and Ps Vicky Sebastian will lead the entire JCSGO community alongside with our Regional Overseers. Blessings and favors will be heard with selected leaders and workers as they testify God’s powerful LIGHT in their lives.
Don’t miss this life-changing and light-beaming wondrous day for the glory of God. Bring your friends, families and loved ones with you—see you all there!